World Book Day

World Book Day 2024 is on 7 March 2024

Can you judge a book by its cover?  Watch below or in YouTube…

Free World Book Day Activities

Free fun quizzes, colouring and a powerpoint for schools to download here and downloadable posters to print for displays or bunting here.  Or try these World Book Day dress up ideas …  .

Dress Up Ideas

Stuck for ideas on costumes? I have written about a variety of characters and if you are stuck for ideas, I hope there will be something for everyone here to dress up as a character from my books .(Permission has been obtained for all photos of children)


Sports fans could dress up as a runner from Armistice Runner, a footballer from Football Academy or go to school in your rugby kit as Woody, Owen or Rory from Rugby Academy.

Or history fans could dress up as Audrey Hepburn, a soldier, pilot, or sailor or an Iron-age, Viking, Anglo-Saxon or Roman child from one of my other books. There’s lots of ideas below:

Audrey Hepburn from “Resist”

A pupil at a school visit recently surprised me dressed up as a young Audrey Hepburn (shared with permission).

More about Resist here



Lily and the fell runners from “Armistice Runner”

“Lily” from Newlands School

If you enjoy running with a club or can borrow a running vest & shorts or hoodie and leggings with trainers, you could be Lily and one of her team mates from Armistice Runner.

Lucy is Lily from Armistice Runner
Amelie is Lily from Armistice Runner

Maybe add a medal round your neck or pin a paper number to your top.

Lucy and Amelie have been inspired by Lily and have taken up fell running and competed in the impressive Kendal Winter League.

Jake and the team from “Football Academy”:  

Ben is “Jake” from Boys United

The characters in Football Academy are from a wide range of family backgrounds see the team list here  to give you more ideas. Kit tips:

  • football top (ideally red) but other colours could be the away kit or a goalkeepers kit
  • shorts
  • long socks
  • football boots or trainers
  • a Football Academy book – borrow one from your local library or print a picture of the cover off here
Mateus from Brazil is “Ben” from Reading the Game
Albie is ... Jake Oldfield
Albie is “Jake” from Boys United








“The only character that my son, Albie (aged 7 and in Year 3) wanted to dress up as on World Book Day was Jake Oldfield from Boys United. I was happy to customize a shirt for him, and he couldn’t have been prouder as he went through the school gates this morning.”   Emma

More footballers in my books:

Bismark Boateng
Bismark Boateng

Kofi Danquah is a brilliant young African player from a family of cocoa farmers.  With Danny’s help he ends up being signed by a top UK club. (Bi
smark Boateng,
the player who I met and based my character Kofi Danquah on, is now on the books of Manchester City and is currently on loan in Norway).

  • any premier league top
  • a bar of fairtrade chocolate
  • a copy of Offside cover here 


Secret FCLily and Khalid love playing football in Secret FC

  • any sporty top and trainers
  • a copy of Secret FC cover here




Robbie is “Khalid” from Secret FC
Lilly is “Rocky” from Rocky of the Rovers

Rocky and Roy of the Rovers are older footballers ideal for both girls and boys to dress up as.  Kit tips:

  • Red & yellow kit
  • A Melchester Badge
  • Your favourite Rocky or Roy book





White Fear cover

There are other sporty and brave spying girls and boys in my Squad books Black Op and White Fear more here.  In White Fear (sorry, spoiler coming) Lesh is in a wheelchair but he still plays a vital role in the Squad team  with his skills in gadgetry and computer systems to prevent an international war breaking out.

  • a wheelchair
  • a gadget or laptop


Woody and the team from Rugby Academy

Theo is Woody
Theo is … Woody

Theo pictured here as Woody from Combat Zone.

Kit tips

  • rugby / stripy top
  • shorts / tracksuit bottoms
  • trainers / rugby boots
  • mouth shield / head guard


History / Forces

medalArmy – soldiers like Jack in my book Over the Line, who served in the footballer’s battallion from the First World War.  Kit ideas:

  • green top & trousers
  • black boots
  • print out this medal


Navy – sailors like Frank, Joseph and Stephen from Arctic Star who served on HMS Belfast in the Second World War. Kit ideas :

  • A big coat
  • Wellington boots
  • A snow shovel
  • A Sowester hat
  • Fake snow on fake beards or eyebrows
  • An Arctic Star medal




RAF Pilots – like Jatinder in my book Flyboy or Greg in Spitfire.  Kit ideas:

  • swimming goggles
  • hat with ear flaps
  • heavy jacket

you could even make a cardboard sopwith camel or spitfire to wear


Toby is … Private Emile Corteil

Parachutist like Private Emile Corteil who served in the Parachute Battalion with ‘Para Dog’ Glen and took part in the D-Day landings to Normandy on 6 June 1944 and is a character in my book D-Day Dog. (Thanks for the photo Toby Naidoo from Queensland Australia)



RAF / Modern day pilots – like Jess and Maddie in Typhoon.  Kit suggestions:

  • plainish onesie or dungarees
  • jacket
  • helmet with pipes coming out of it



Nadiya and Seth super ghost hunters from Defenders:

If you want to go further back in time, how about dressing up as one of the ghostly visions seen by Nadiya and Seth in my Defenders series:

Killing Ground (Vikings & Anglo Saxons) 
Dark Arena  (Roman Britain) 
Pitch Invasion  (Iron Age Celts)

Previous World Book Day resources :

To celebrate World Book Day 2023, I recorded a free virtual film from Anne Frank’s Haus, Amsterdam, sharing why her diary is one of my all-time favourite books.  Watch below or in YouTube…

Here’s Peterborough United Football Club’s World Book Day film ..

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