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Tom Palmer Black OPI am a father, husband, author, football fan and a reader. In fact, it was reading about football that changed my life.

I wasn’t keen on reading when I was young. My mum was worried about me because I didn’t do very well at school. She encouraged me to read about football in newspapers, magazines and books. Gradually I came to love books.

And, from that point, my life changed. I wanted to know everything about books. I went to night school to do A levels when I was 21. Then I did a degree in European Literature when I was 24. It was brilliant!

After I had graduated, I went to work in a bookshop, then a library, then I managed book festivals. All that time I was writing: stories, poems, diaries and books for adults. Then – after a few years – I was lucky enough to have one of my football books for children accepted by Puffin.

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Player Profile

Born: Yorkshire Day, 1st August 1967, Leeds

Thank you Hamstel Junior for the wonderful cake

Team: Leeds United

Favourite stadium visited: Elland Road, Leeds (but also Bernabeu, Spain and Hearts of Oak, Ghana)

Favourite footballer : Lucas Radebe, Leeds

Favourite rugby player : Danny Care, England

Favourite football magazine: World Soccer

Favourite football book: Keeper by Mal Peet

Food: Fair Trade chocolate

Country: New Zealand

Drink: Yorkshire tea

Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot of questions. These are the most popular ones:

Why do you support Leeds?

Hamstel display
Visiting Hamstel Junior

I was born there. And being a Leeds fan is a special destiny.

Where do you get your Foul Play writing ideas from?

Newspapers. Football is full of crime. I read about it the newspapers. When a story grips me I know it’s one I can use in a book.

How many books have you written?

37 in total. About spies, detectives, ghosts, war, airmen, rugby, friendship, parents and football.

How long does it take to write a book?

The Football Academy books take a month. But the Foul Play ones are more complicated and three times as long: they take four or five months. Over the Line took a year to write.

What research do you do for your books?

If I write about a place I need to have been there. I went to Ghana to research Off Side, the third Foul Play book. Part of it is based in Africa, so I though it was important.

Do you get help writing the books?

I do. First off my wife, then three other writers in my writing group, then my agent, then my editors. They all make great contributions. The books are a lot better because I try to listen to what people say about them. I hope.

Do you know any other writers?

A few. I sometimes work with Helena Pielichaty who writes the Girls FC books. I used to work for bookshops and libraries, so I met a few then. But most of my friends aren’t writers.

What other jobs have you had?

Librarian. Bookseller. Milkman. Post office bag sorter. VDU operator. University lecturer. I liked them all, except the last two.

Do you come into schools?

I do. I love it.  I can bring an inflatable goal or rugby posts and host y Football Reading Game or Rugby Reading Game complete with penalty shoot outs.   I also offer a Historical Fiction option for my author visits. Ask your teacher if she or he would like me to come in.

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Thank you.


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