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Library visits

All my forthcoming open to the public events at libraries are listed here.

I am now taking bookings for visits to libraries and festivals from September 2022 offering a choice of:

Milton Keynes Library

“The Football Reading Game provides a fantastic opportunity for libraries to engage with families about reading, in an exciting and positive way.  Tom’s passion for football and reading is obvious and both parents and children immediately responded to his warm sense of humour. The session illustrated just how important reading is in helping you to achieve your goals and that a love of football can easily sit alongside a love of reading. I can’t recommend the Football Reading Game highly enough.” Louise Binns, Community Children’s Librarian, Eccles Library 

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“Just to say many thanks again for visiting Liverpool libraries and helping to make our National Year of Reading programme such a success.  All of the teachers and children who attended your football themed sessions had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  A teacher who attended one of the sessions at Central Library reported a young boy nagging her to borrow Foul Play to take home.  The first time ever in  all his time at school he had asked for something to read!    A success indeed”Patricia Lee, Senior Librarian Liverpool Libraries

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Library resources

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Why I write about libraries and librarians in my books

I use libraries for my research and I often write about the amazing role libraries can play in our lives…

‘The next day Dad took Jake to the library.

“What are we doing here? Jake asked. It’s the trial tomorrow. Can’t we go and practise?”

“Later,” Dad said. “We need to look at some football books first.  Books about playing the game:how to attack, defend or be a keeper. And biographies.  Now Jake understood why has dad had taken him to the library.’

from Boys United, Football Academy by Tom Palmer



And I’ve seen the part our amazing librarians play in helping us to choose the right book …

“What’s this, Miss?” Owen said. He knew the question sounded daft as he asked it.

“A book,” Miss Evans said. “For you.”

Owen turned it over in his hands and smiled. A present from Miss Evans. That was kind. Really kind. But it was a book. Deep down inside, Owen had that feeling he always had when books were involved.  

Illustration © 2015 David Shephard

The churning worry that he wouldn’t be able to finish it. But he wouldn’t give in to that this time. Miss Evans had given him this, and he could see that it wasn’t just any book. It was called Calon and the cover was a red Welsh rugby shirt. If there was any book in the world he wanted to read, then this was it.

“Thank you, Miss,” Owen said, as the plane dipped to the left and they headed over the clouds towards the Equator and on to New Zealand…

from Rugby Academy by Tom Palmer

“Thank you and thanks for writing books that children enjoy!”  Naomi Tregellas Community Librarian North Somerset

“I am a children’s librarian on the Isle of Wight, and I attended a day at Winchester Library last year (I think!) at which you spoke, so was able to recommend your book ‘Foul Play’ to one of our reluctant boy readers.   You may be pleased to know that his mother just came in and asked if we have any more, as he thought it was brilliant, and she finds it very difficult normally get him to read anything. I was able to look up your site, and tell her that you should have a new publication in the series coming out this year.”Catriona Monteith.

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