Foul Play

Foul Play
ISBN 9780141323671

Book 1 in the Foul Play series.

It’s late at night. Danny Harte is investigating some burglaries near the City FC football stadium, the team he loves.

He witnesses the kidnap of his favourite player, striker, Sam Roberts. As he tries to work out who did it and why, he is dragged into the twisted world of a ruthless football chairman.

The one ShowShot at, abducted and led helpless to his execution, can he come out of it alive?


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Nathan Dyer
Premier League Reading Stars

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Foul Play : The Danger Academy


Shortlists for Awards

2008 Foul Play chosen for Booked Up

2008 Foul Play shortlisted for Blue Peter Book Award

2009 Foul Play shortlisted for Stockton Children’s Book of the Year

Emily Palmer from St Michaels RC School was the winner in the Highly Commended category for her review of Foul Play by Tom Palmer.

2009 Foul Play shortlisted for Calderdale Book of the Year Primary Section

“Anton Holt” interviews Tom Palmer about writing Foul Play

Why did you write a crime book about football?
Tom “I was reading a lot of crime stories. I like them. At the same time I read a lot about football crimes in the newspaper. Kidnaps. Corruption. Fixed games. That sort of thing. It sort of came from that.”

Why do you like reading crime books?
Tom “They’re great. Lots of excitement and danger. But they make you think too. I like to read about detectives who slowly uncover a crime – and who get chased a few times in the process.”

Have you ever been chased?
Tom “Yes. Twice. Once by Burnley fans, the other time by Everton fans. But I got away. It’s not a nice feeling. When I write a chase scene. I always remember how it felt having eight Everton fans on my heels. You don’t think. You just run. Whatever it takes to get away.”

Real Reader Reviews of Foul Play

“I love Foul Play. It’s exciting and fun and it is a thrilling equal to Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider books. “Alice

“I really enjoyed Foul Play and now I am doing a school project about you and your books. “Jack

“It was a truly brilliant book. When I grow up I want to be a football author.” Charlie

“I am an eleven year old and I have read your book. I love it and hope Dead Ball will be released soon. Really, really, really good. Clever, well written. Very good for people like me who like football. ” Daniel

“I think this book is so good I read it three times.” Yusupha

“Perfect. Best story I have ever read. ” Mohammed

“I like the way the story is full, instead of stopping to put in boring effects.” Ryan

“Your books have already inspired me to write my own ” Sam

“Your books are the best; we have really enjoyed reading about Danny and his exciting adventures. We would really love it if you would write some more, as we have read them all. We find it difficult to find books we enjoy and think you are an amazing writer.” Isaac & Daisy, St Agnes Primary

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Signed and dedicated copies of all my books are available personalised to order from my local independent children’s bookshop “The Thoughtful Spot”here.

Foul Play series
Foul Play series

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Foul Play 2 :  Dead Ball Amazon
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