Reading Certificates

Individual Certificates

My certificates are signed personally for readers who have read all of one of a set of :

  • my 6 history books
  • Football Academy
  • Foul Play
  • Roy of the Rovers
  • Rugby Academy
  • Wings
  • Defenders


If parents or teachers would like to nominate any children, please tell us the full names of and which books or series they have read.

Please send me ...

with permission

Well done Michael for reading all of my Football Academy books!

“Our boys so love the certificates, we all do.  I have put them on the achievement board until the holidays when they can take them home to motivate others to aim for a certificate for themselves.  You cannot beat one which is signed by a real author!” Girvan Academy

Jack, Western Province Prep School. South Africa

If any of your pupils have read all of any one of the following series, I have special certificates I can sign and send for you to present to them:

My historical fiction

Football Academy

Foul Play

The Squad



Rugby Academy



Reading Group Materials

If you’d like to motivate your class or a reading group, these resources may help you inspire them to complete the reading of a series.

Well done Josh, Holcombe Brook Primary

Again, on completion, simply email or click here to tell me the names of your pupils, your school address and the name of the series they have read and we will send you signed certificates.

Well done Levi, Holcombe Brook Primary


More literacy resources for all my other books are here.

Thank you.





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Thank you.

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