Secret FC

Lily,  Maddie and Zach can’t believe it when the new headmaster bans football in the playground.  Living in the inner-city, there is nowhere else to play.  Then Zack has a brilliant plan and soon a very special secret football club is formed . . .

Published by Barrington Stoke

Available from your local library, bookshopsAmazon and Kindle.

Dyslexia friendly format.


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Writing Secret FC

Original Puffin Books cover

The story was first commissioned by Puffin as part of their 70th anniversary in 2010.

This was the original cover.




It was then published by Barrington Stoke as one of their award-winning dyslexia friendly titles.




It now has a new cover for Barrington Stoke, which more accurately reflects the story about girls and boys playing football.



Secret FC has been translated into Swedish. More here about Hemliga BK.


Secret FC News

Secret FC was  selected by Book Trust for inclusion in their 2013 School Library Pack! Around 4000 English schools received the  pack, funded by the Department of Education, as a way to encourage reading with the students.

Real Reader Reviews

“It’s about 6 children who love to play football and are excited to be back at school,but they have a dilemma that they are not aloud to play football. They make a secret football club and play football. Then their headmaster finds out!  After that they end up playing against the teachers. The score is a 3-2 win to the teachers! I like it because it was very exciting and I never got bored reading it!” Catherine, Year 4

“A dramatic story with good twists and turns, especially the head’s reason for banning the game in the first place! “Julia Eccleshare

“I’m currently reading Secret FC to a class which they are really enjoying.” Librarian Bartley C of E Junior School

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