Free Kick

ISBN 978014132471

Book 5 in the Football Academy series.

James is a brilliant central defender.  The best player at United and he has a great pedigree: his dad used to play for England.  When the team go to play West Ham United, his dad’s ex-club, everyone is telling James he is going to be an England player too.
But James doesn’t want to be a footballer. He wants to be something else.  And before he tells that to his dad, he has to admit it to himself.

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Football Academy series
Football Academy series

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Published by Puffin Books.

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Player Profile

James Cunningham

Name: James Cunningham
Age: 11
Position: central defender
Best friend on team: Ben


Interview with Tom Palmer about writing Free Kick

How can James not want to be a professional footballer?
I’m not sure. If I’d had that chance I’d have given up anything to be a footballer.

So is it realistic to make up a story like that?
I think so. I sometimes try to write about people who would do and think things very different to me. It’s not easy. That’s why I always try to find things about people before I write. I knew a person who had a friend who gave up football. I spoke to him. To see how he felt. That helped me to make James’ character more real. I hope.

Do you ever make up characters based on real people?
All the time. I use names of people I know all the time. In fact, on page 106 of Free Kick there’s a man called Jim in the story. A West Ham fan. He is based on my friend, Jim Sells, who works for the National Literacy Trust. He loves to play guitar, so I gave him a guitar in the book too.


Reviews of Free Kick


“I got all these books this summer. Now this is the latest one. It is really good. James’s dad is a former pro footballer. James plays for United and he doesn’t want to be a footballer any more. Its about how he tells his dad.” A kid’s review, Amazon
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