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Rocky in Soccer Diaries

Roy of the Rover’s sister Rocky Race is not your average fourteen year old. She’s determined, ambitious and the best football player you’ve ever seen.

Rocky Colouring here
Find out more about Rocky here


In “Resist”, young Edda lives in Nazi occupied Holland during the Second World War. Colour in her bicycle and draw brave Edda.  Now where is she going? She could be delivering resistance newsletters, alongside bombed out buildings passing tanks on the street, whilst Spitfires fly overhead. Or is she cycling into the countryside foraging for tulip bulbs and nettles to eat? Or could she be standing up to Nazi soldiers and taking rescue packages to British airmen hiding in the woods?  You choose!  Resist Colouring here

Find out more about Resist here


After the War – Paper dolls here

Cut out and decorate these paper dolls to remember the 300 Windermere children who arrived in the English Lake District after their liberation from the concentration camps.  Here are some ideas:

  • colour them as children like the friends in After the War : Yossi, Leo and Mordecai
  • add words of kindness you’d like to say to them to welcome them
  • make a display of them holding hands against a backdrop of Cumbrian mountains and lakes.
  • colour them in as adults – what do you think they might grow up to do? (The real Windermere children grew up to have fulfilling lives as teachers, electricians, dentists and one even represented Britain in the Olympics).
  • Challenge: decorate all 300 Windermere children!

Find out more about After the War here

Arctic Star 

Use your imagination to draw and colour the planes in the sky and submarines in the sea below during the Battle of the North Cape or what young naval recruits can see on their lookout here .  

Find out more about Arctic Star here

D-Day Dog

What view do you think Jack and his new puppy are looking at?

Can you draw the plane Emile and his dog Glenn are parachuting out or where they might be landing?

Find out more about D-Day Dog here

Wings series

Colour in all the great RAF planes featured in my children’s series Wings – the Sopwith Camel, Spitfire and Typhoon – to mark this year’s centenary of the RAF.  Download here.

Find about more about the Wing series here

Iron Age / Roman / Anglo Saxons / Vikings colouring sheet to accompany my Defenders series.  Download here .

Find about more about the Defenders series here

Secret FC colouring

Download here

Find about more about Secret FC here. 


Football Academy colouring Download  here

Find about more about the Football Academy series here. 


Gus the Famous Football Cat colouring sheet download here 

Find about more about Gus here. 


Draw a landscape to colour in for the Armistice Runner characters here:

Lily (running today) download here.


Ernest (a trench runner in the First World War) download here.

Find about more about Armistice Runner here.


Roy of the Rovers

Learn to draw Rocky with Lisa Henke here.

Sharp-shooter Rocky is testing her brother Roy’s goal-keeping skills. Can you add a crowd or maybe some more players and colour them all in here?


A picture of Roy of the Rovers for you to colour in and design a new football kit for Melchester Rovers here.

Find about more about the Roy of the Rovers series here. 




More Literacy Resources here

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