Colouring Pages

Scroll down for free printable colouring sheets to download and print out to find out more about my children’s books:

D-Day Dog

What view do you think Jack and his new puppy are looking at?

Can you draw the plane Emile and his dog Glenn are parachuting out or where they might be landing?

Wings series – Mark this year’s centenary of the RAF colouring in the  planes featured in my children’s series Wings – the Sopwith Camel, Spitfire and Typhoon.  Download here.

Find about more about the Wing series here

Iron Age / Roman / Anglo Saxons / Vikings colouring sheet to accompany my Defenders series.  Download here .

Find about more about the Defenders series here

Secret FC colouring

Download here

Find about more about Secret FC here. 


Football Academy colouring Download  here

Find about more about the Football Academy series here. 


Gus the Famous Football Cat colouring sheet download here 

Find about more about Gus here. 


Draw a landscape to colour in for the Armistice Runner characters here:

Lily (running today) download here.


Ernest (a trench runner in the First World War) download here.

Find about more about Armistice Runner here.


Roy of the Rovers

Sharp-shooter Rocky is testing her brother Roy’s goal-keeping skills. Can you add a crowd or maybe some more players and colour them all in here?


A picture of Roy of the Rovers for you to colour in and design a new football kit for Melchester Rovers here.

Find about more about the Roy of the Rovers series here. 




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