Careers in Reading and Writing sessions

I’m often asked about my career in writing, reading, publishing, bookselling, Libraries and book festivals.

So I’ve made a FREE short introductory film about my career and how it has been based around the world of reading and writing – in bookshops, libraries, book festivals and literacy charities.

It is for classroom use in careers, English or PHSE lessons, aimed at people who might like a career in the book world.

It is available to watch or download from my advert free YouTube site here.

If you would like me to make an extended pre-recorded film for your school including or focusing on :

  • careers in writing
  • careers in reading
  • careers in publishing
  • careers in bookselling
  • careers in Libraries
  • careers in book festivals

please do get in touch below or email me here.  


Thank you.


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