Virtual Author Visits

Alongside in-person visits, I am now offering a choice of bespoke virtual learning options for schools.  I have already  been working with teachers on a number of projects to help them deliver reading and writing activities during these uncertain times.

I can work around your needs or choose from my downloadable list of Virtual Workshop Options here.

“Loving working with @tompalmerauthor during lockdown. He’s providing a series of bespoke story planning and and writing videos, with a story relevant to both our unit of work and our local area. The man is a genius – eye-opening stuff when it comes to planning and writing” Aidan Severs, Dixons Allerton Academy

I have worked with Zoom, Skype, Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Crowdcast, YouTube and other platforms.

In short, I can offer:

Presentations.  An online version of my assembly-style author presentation.

Q&A.  Children email questions to their teacher, I respond to them all via a recorded YouTube film.  (This works particularly well as follow up to looking at my website or especially to reading one of my books.)  I can also host a mediated, timed Facebook Live session alongside a teacher or TA, responding to questions in comments.  Or Zoom sessions more suited to smaller and older groups.

Workshops.  A virtual version of my in-school writing workshops relating to:

  • ideas and planning
  • drafting and editing
  • writing about history
  • exploring what I am currently writing
  • See full list here

Writing competitions.  Setting titles, judging and constructive feedback for entrants, video announcing winners.

Writing a story together.  Developing a new bespoke story with a school, working together on research, planning, drafting and editing process.



Feedback from a recent virtual visit with Dixons Allerton Academy
“- great use of your personality to engage children even over distance
– excellent metacognition and explaining your thinking makes it clear for children how to approach the task
– great modelling and questioning (even by distance!)
– resources prepared and ready and working wall built up gradually throughout the lesson. Great for supporting children’s learning and giving them independence to complete the task
– constant linking back of writing to the purpose of entertaining the reader

I also want to use this in a teacher CPD session on supporting the planning process”  English Lead, Dixons Allerton Academy


I’d love to hear your ideas of how I can help support your school.

Please get in touch with me to discuss any ideas you have or for more information. Email me here or use admin (at) tompalmer (dot) co (dot) uk or use the form below:

Please be patient.  Our replies are not automated so you will get a personal reply.



Children can be thrilled to have the opportunity to buy their own signed and personalised book by an author and this can still work with virtual author visits.

I am very happy to work with your local bookseller but if you do not have one, Rosie Hill is our recommended independent book seller, with over 20 years experience of selling to schools. She offers competitive 20% discounts on all books, free next day delivery (orders over £50) and advises on buying fiction and non fiction.

Rosie can provide books and I can send signed and dedicated stickers so children don’t miss out.

More examples of virtual work in progress:

Thank you Kirkstall Valley Primary for a lovely virtual visit  through Zoom (with permission)

Thank you Dixons Allerton Academy for a great series of writing sessions via pre-recorded films (with permission)

Thank you Bo’ness Academy for a great chat session through Microsoft Teams (with permission)

Thank you Ribblesdale School for commissioning a bespoke story and sharing my writing process along the way via pre-recorded films(with permission)

“What a fantastic day! Tom informed and entertained the pupils in equal measure with his interactive assemblies.  The children were inspired by his stories and motivated to follow in his footsteps-a MUST for every  primary school!”  Neil Homer, Primary School Teacher and Education Project Leader, Shrewsbury Town In The Community

There are also lots of free materials you are welcome to share with your pupils available from my website:

FREE videos of reading from my books,new ones added daily here
FREE reads – first chapters of my books here 
FREE colouring here
FREE literacy resources  here

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