EURO 2020 – a Ghost Story

I am thrilled to be able to let everyone know that I am doing a live story for schools to tie in with EURO 2020, just like I have for recent World Cups and Euros.

EURO 2020: A Ghost Story will be brought to you by the FA and National Literacy Trust during June and July 2021.

The story will be published in 12 chapters between June 11th and July 7th. It will be written the night before the morning of publication and will be influenced by the events on the pitch as well as off the pitch at host venues.

School classrooms will be able to vote to determine where the story goes at least two times. It is aimed at Y4 to Y7, but could work for some Y3 and Y8 groups.

The basic idea for the story is that my Roy of the Rovers characters – brother and sister, Roy and Rocky Race – go to watch games across Europe. With Covid restrictions in place, they will ‘travel’ with the help of a footballing ghost, similar to Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol.


Read chapter 1 here now 

The remaining chapters will be published on the National Literacy Trust website. They will post more information on May 25th.

There is more on the FA website here: School Pack – UEFA EURO 2020 – Competitions | The Football Association (



If you would like more information, a poster pack and a reminder about when the story starts, please email