After the War sponsored challenge

On Saturday 14 August, I will be following the route the Windermere boys made from Carlisle to Windermere raising money over 75 years ago to continue fighting  racism and  intolerance.
30 miles cycling.
10 miles canoeing.
15 miles fell running.
Over £6,000 already raised for @HolocaustLake
Thank you.
“After the War”, published by Barrington Stoke was researched with the Lake District Holocaust Project and written with Grasmere school.  It’s about the three hundred child concentration camp survivors who came to the Lake District nearly 75 years ago (who were known as the Windermere Boys).  More here.

“It is a story from the past, told in the present, with lessons for us all for the future.” Trevor Avery

“A powerful and moving novel, following meticulous research and with the support of the Lake District Holocaust Project” Jewish News