10 Free School Resources for the Armistice Centenary

Tom Palmer’s new book – Armistice Runner – is about a modern day runner who finds out from her grandmother, who is suffering from dementia, that her great-great-grandad was a trench runner during the last few days of the First World War.

Tom has created a range of resources for schools to use to help children understand the significance of this November’s centenary of the end of the First World War.

All the resources are free.


One. Videos of Tom talking about the Armistice centenary in significant First World War settings in France.

Two. Poster packs and signed Armistice Runner bookmarks for all your pupils, delivered to your school for free. Please email me via this website.

Three. ‘Be a Trench Runner’ game for the school hall, where children are challenged to memorise information and run, to imagine what it was like to be a trench runner.

Four. List of ten national and local opportunities that schools in the UK can take to mark the Armistice centenary this November. https://tompalmer.co.uk/10-ways-schools-can-mark-the-armistice-centenary-this-autumn/ 

Five. A short non-fiction text explaining the Armistice in its First World War context. With a quiz based on the text.

Six. SPAG and comprehension worksheets based around the Armistice centenary.

Seven. Read Tom’s Books for Topics article about ten things to read about the Armistice this autumn. 

Eight. A look at how Armistice Runner developed from ideas in Tom Palmer’s notebook to the finished book. How a book is researched, planned, written, edited and published. 

Nine. News about public events where your pupils can meet Tom and hear about Armistice Runner this autumn.

Ten. Reviews of Armistice Runner from:

Book for Topics

That Boy Can Teach

Good Reads



You can find all the resources above at www.tompalmer.co.uk/armistice-runner. Some of the resources are not quite ready, but will be up there by the beginning of September. Feel free to contact Tom via this website if you need more information.