World Cup 2018 literacy resources

NLTIn June and July 2018 I will be writing a live thriller adventure set at the World Cup finals in Russia. It will be published on the National Literacy Trust website.

Each weekday morning a new chapter will be available for free for schools and families to read. Each chapter will be a ten-minute read. It will be written so that it can be read with Y4 to Y8 and will feature dramatic cliffhangers. The story will be influenced by the events of the tournament on and off the field.

Our previous World Cup reading activities were downloaded over 100,000 times and used by nearly 2,500 schools… “I have been downloading Tom’s fantastic episodic story from the Literacy Trust website. I just wanted to drop him a line to tell him how brilliantly his story is going down at our school. Every morning I have children, particularly the boys, running up to me to check that I have downloaded and printed out the latest chapter of the story. The feedback from all the teachers is really positive, they tell me that it has really captured the boys imaginations and is encouraging them to read too!”    Lucy Bakewell, SLA School Librarian of the Year

I will be writing the chapters each evening before publication the next morning, meaning they will be as relevant as possible. The action will also be influenced by the votes of children in schools up and down the UK.

The story will start roughly 11th June and end around 16th July. If you would like a newsletter reminder email about this please email and we’ll keep you in touch.

“The best time I remember from my primary school was when our teacher read the Foul Play World Cup Mystery out to us. I’ll never forget us all listening together every morning and worrying about what would happen to Danny if England won!” Kylie


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