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Tom is going to fail

It’s Dyslexia Awareness Week. To mark it Barrington Stoke have launched their new App. Called TINTS.

TINTS is going to be a massive help to children who struggle with reading. It’s important.

Barrington Stoke books help readers with dyslexia and visual stress issues, but I’ve seen that they help children who just struggle with finishing a book in general. Children who don’t have the stamina. Children who can’t concentrate. Children that can’t face the edifice of a whole book and believe that they never will.

I know about that.

I struggled terribly with whole books when I was a child. The books were too long. The chapters were too long. There were too many words on each page. The print was tight and small.

It might have been page after page of:

Tom is going to fail to finish this. Tom is going to fail to finish this. Tom is going to fail to finish this. Tom is going to fail to finish this. Tom is going to fail to finish this. Tom is going to fail to finish this. Tom is going to fail.

So I didn’t bother.

And I didn’t bother because I was scared. Scared of books. Or, more precisely, I was scared of how books made me feel.

I knew I would fail as soon as I was given a book. That’s why all the books I was given as gifts by very well-meaning relatives weighed heavy in my hands. I didn’t need to take the wrapping paper off them before that feeling struck.

I never read any of them.

Barrington Stoke books are fab. They have an easy-to-read typeface, short chapters, the books are short.

But Barrington Stoke books are not available on Kindle.

I often get asked if my Barrington Stoke book Over the Line is on Kindle. But it’s not on Kindle because Kindle is not compatible with most of the features that make Barrington Stoke books so useful.

But now we have TINTS.

TINTS gives children a way of reading Barrington Stoke books on an Apple or Android. And there are even more features to help than in the books.

You still have the typeface, the short chapters, etc., but on TINTS you have a choice of background colours plus a slide ruler that can keep your eye on the words you are reading.

This is another big jump forward from Barrington Stoke. You can find out more about TINTS here: http://www.barringtonstoke.co.uk/tints.html

And I am very happy to say that now, when children ask me if they can read Over the Line on a device, I can say yes.