Dark Arena

Defenders 2 : Dark Arena

ISBN 9781781127308

The past is closer than Nadiya and Seth think …

It’s meant to be a stress-free holiday in London, but suddenly Seth and Nadiya will need all their skills as Defenders.  Ghostly activity is threatening a Premier League club as they build a new stadium on Roman ruins.  One worker has already met a grisly death – and many other lives are in danger. The horror of modern injustice seems to have woken the spirits of the past … What can the Defenders do to change things?

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Published by Barrington Stoke

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Great way into : KS2 Roman Britain

Defenders is a new trilogy:
Book 1 –  Killing Ground
Book 2  – Dark Arena
Book 3  – Pitch Invasion



Seth and Nadiya specialise in solving ghostly hauntings at football venues, with settings including:

  • Anglo-Saxon village, Yorkshire
  • Roman Amphitheatre, City of London
  • Iron Age Celtic hill fort, Cornwall


defenders-pitch-invasionAnd each book ties into a KS2 history theme:

  • Vikings and Anglo-Saxons
  • Roman Britain
  • Iron Age Celts





Video 1 – Researching  Dark Arena

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Buy Dark Arena now from your local library, independent bookshops, Amazon and Kindle.


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