How to use the new football season to get your child reading

Tom Palmer writes books for children, many of them about football. These are his ten tips on how you can use the 2017-18 Premier League season kick off this week to encourage children to read more for pleasure.

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Buy one of this weekend’s newspapers. They will all have exciting pull-outs and supplements about the Premier League kick off.

Visit your local public library and see what football books they have. Check sport in the adult and kids’ sections. Ask a librarian to order you a book if you want one about a specific team or player.

Do one of the online Fantasy Football games. Start a league with friends and families. Stress that the best way to do well is to read about football online and in newspapers.

Go to a newsagent’s and browse the new season football magazines. Browse for as long as you dare. Then – if your child is hooked – maybe buy the magazine.

Check out the National Literacy Trust’s Sport and Literacy resources on their website. Including videos, download and book lists:

Borrow or buy one of the excellent short readable Ultimate Football Heroes biographies, featuring the likes of Pogba, Messi and Ronaldo.

Go online and read one of the many online football magazines, such as

If your children enjoy playing video football games FIFA and PES, direct them towards reading tips and advice about becoming better at the games at &

Go to a football match. Local lower league and non-league teams love the support and children often get in for free or very cheaply. Then buy a match programme. Get there early to give to time to read it together before the game.

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Tom Palmer writes football stories for children aged 6 to 16. You can see a full list of his books at:

Thank you for reading!