World Cup Writing Exercises

As well as all the other stuff we’re doing to use the World Cup to promote reading, the National Literacy Trust and I will be creating a daily writing exercise for children.

There is no plan. The idea is to make up a writing exercise each day based on what the kids will be talking about in the playground.

For instance:

* if an England player was to be sent off in one of the matches, the exercise might be to imagine a short dialogue between the player and the England manager as the player comes off the pitch


* if England are playing in the Amazon rainforest (which they are), write about five things an England footballer might see if he went to visit an Amazon village

We want to make writing relevant and immediate. We hope it works.

You need to be a member of the National Literacy Trust to access these. Everything else we’re doing is free to all. Check out what being a member involves here.

I think it’s worth it. One, because you get access to good stuff. Two, because we need to support the National Literacy Trust now more than ever and they don’t get the government funding they used to.

Thanks for you consideration and thanks to the many many many of you responding so positively to this project.