World Cup Reading Tour

I’m touring the UK for the next five weeks. Doing my World Cup Reading Game.

And a bit of bike work.

The plan is to ask the children quiz questions about World Cup newspaper headlines, magazines, websites, fiction and non-fiction. Those who get the questions right get to take a penalty. The winner of the shoot out wins a trophy.

But there’s more to it than that. It is  a chance for me to ask the children what they like to read from all the reading materials above. That’s what I like best about it. Hearing children enthuse about what they have read: and seeing their classmates listen.

Peer to peer reading motivation.  There’s nothing like it.

I start tomorrow in Crewe and finish 33 days later in Basildon. Here are my tour dates.

The cycling bit comes in the middle. More details about that here.

June 7      Crewe and Handshaw Libraries
June 10   St Mary’s Primary, Levenshulme
June 11   Colwich Primary, Staffordshire
June 13   Stewarts Melville, Edinburgh
June 16   Fratton Park, Portsmouth
June 17   Two schools in Andover
June 18   West Thornton Primary, Croydon
June 19   Beacon School, Bucks

June 23 to July 4 Tour de France stuff
36 libraries in 10 days, by bike

July 8    Albrighton Primary, Shropshire
July 9    Ghyllgrove Junior, Basildon

That’s 63 events in all. Plus 250+ miles on the bike in the middle bit. However, during this time, I’ll be writing my daily World Cup story too, Foul Play: Brazil. That, to be honest, will be the real challenge.