World Book Day

Stuck for ideas on costumes? I have written about a variety of characters and I hope there will be something for everyone here to dress up as a character from my books …

Jake and the team from Football Academy:  

Albie is ... Jake Oldfield
Albie is … Jake Oldfield

“The only character that my son, Albie (aged 7 and in Year 3) wanted to dress up as on World Book Day was Jake Oldfield from Boys United. I was happy to customize a shirt for him, and he couldn’t have been prouder as he went through the school gates this morning.”   Emma

  • football top (ideally red) but other colours could be the away kit.
  • shorts
  • socks
  • footboots or trainers
  • a Football Academy book – borrow one from your local library or print a picture of the cover off here

The characters in Football Academy are from a wide range of family backgrounds see the team list here for all their details.

Other footballers in my books:

Bismark Boateng
Bismark Boateng

Kofi Danquah is a brilliant young African player from a family of cocoa farmers.  With Danny’s help he ends up being signed by a top UK club. (Bi
smark Boateng,
the player who I met and based my character Kofi Danquah on, is now on the books of Manchester City and is currently on loan in Norway).

  • any premier league top
  • a bar of fairtrade chocolate
  • a copy of Offside cover here 


Secret FCLily  loves playing football in Secret FC

  • any sporty top and trainers
  • a copy of Secret FC cover here


There are other sporty, brave spying girls in my Squad books Black Op and White Fear more here.



White Fear coverIn White Fear (sorry, spoiler coming) Lesh is in a wheelchair but he still plays a vital role in the Squad team  with his  skills in gadgetry and computer systems to prevent an international war breaking out.

  • a wheelchair
  • a gadget or laptop



Rugby Players

Theo is Woody
Theo is … Woody

Theo pictured here as Woody from Combat Zone.



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