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EURO 2017 & Reading for Pleasure

In July 2017 the England Women’s football team will be in Holland to play in the EURO 2017 Championships. I am working with the Football Association and the National Literacy Trust to use the tournament to promote reading and writing for pleasure in schools.

Most of our material will be launched on 6th June at www.literacytrust.org.uk. Until then, this is a summary of what you’ll be getting.

Literacy with the Lionesses is a toolkit of reading and writing ideas for the classroom and beyond. It features book lists and interviews with female writers who make a living from writing about football in newspapers, magazines and in books, as well as other games, activities and comprehensions.

Dutch Diaries is a nine-part live story that will be published three times a week from 3rd July. It is ‘live’ in that it will be written as the tournament approaches and begins. It will be about the Lionesses and their progress in EURO 2017, but it will also feature a story line related to Anne Frank’s diary and the house in Holland where she and her family hid from the Nazis.

Dutch Diaries will be written in the style of Dork Diaries, a very popular children’s book series, and will be from the point of view of a girl in a school trip to Holland to visit the Anne Frank House and watch England’s opening match.

From 3rd July I will be setting nine EURO 2017 Writing Challenges, each published on the same day as the story chapters. These will feature events from the tournament, as well as other stories in the news around the time.

I will be writing a EURO 2017 blog from June 6th. It will feature stories about the Lionesses and my research for Dutch Diaries, which includes a trip to the Anne Frank House with my wife and daughter. You will be able to find it at www.tompalmer.co.uk/2017.

The idea behind all this work is to promote reading and writing for pleasure through the buzz of a major sporting tournament. It is also designed to help you to encourage your pupils and children to support England Women as they try to become the first England team – male or female – to become European Champions.

Literacy with the Lionesses will be free to access. As will Dutch Diaries and my EURO 2017 blog. Dutch Diaries and the writing exercises will be published on the following mornings, available from 8 a.m. if not before: July 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19 and 20.

Feel free to email me via this website if you need any more information.

Thank you for reading. And please do pass this information on to any other schools and groups you are part of.

Five things for schools this summer

I’m involved in a few projects this summer that could be interesting to teachers, librarians and parents. I’ll be blogging in more depth about them over the next month.

But, in brief, for now…

One. I am working with the National Literacy Trust and the Football Association on a range of resources that will tie in with this July’s Women’s European Football Championships in Holland. In June a toolkit of ideas for school activities relating to women’s sport will be published. In July a nine-part live story for schools that will tie in the tournament with the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Plus a tournament blog and writing exercises. All free. A blog about this to follow soon.

Two. I have my first new football book series for four years being published in June. By Barrington Stoke. Defenders is about a girl and a boy solving history-related hauntings in football settings. Tying in with the KS2 topics of Iron Age, Roman Britain and the Anglo Saxons / Vikings. More about that here.

Three.  As a result of the above books my school visit offer will include the options of my usual football and rugby reading games, but now with history reading and writing activities too, supported by replica artefacts from the eras listed above. More about my visits here.

Four. In June I am working in nine Leeds schools, where we’ll be writing a story in nine parts, one day after the other. Each school will take up where the last school left off with a 1000 word chapter carrying the action forward. Each class will plan the story, write it and edit it. All in one school day. It will be set in Leeds and will feature some of the city’s history in an adventure story.

Five. Writing. I am finishing a story that links cross country running – well, fell running to be precise – with a major historical event. But more about that later.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to get in touch via this website if you want to know more.