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How I write 2: Asking my cousin’s son to run up 1000 steps

My nephew ran up a hotel staircase six times so I could get Surface to Air right. He’s was 11. After a night out with his dad and him (curry, etc.), we went to a hotel in Leicester (appropriate city for a rugby book). He ran up five flights of stairs at full pace. Several times. I timed him. The reason for that is in the book.

My daughter has ballet every Saturday mornings. An hour in the centre of Halifax. Right next to the rugby field where Crossley Heath School’s teams play. On Saturday mornings. Watching U15s play is different to watching adults play. I learned a lot.

RAF Centenary Logo 2

I needed to know as much as I could about what it feels like to have a dad or mum in the RAF. Thanks to Albrighton School, which educates the children of the men and women of the RAF base at Cosford, I was able to both talk to them, then ask their opinion of the book’s first draft. Otherwise the book would have been nonsense.

Four more tomorrow.

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