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KS2 Collins Big Cat          Key Stage 2 who have a Key Stage 1 reading level:

big cat series


Secret FC

6+  Secret FC   Barrington Stoke 


Football Academy series

7+ Football Academy  Puffin    

  1. Boys United
  2. Striking Out
  3. The Real Thing
  4. Reading the Game
  5. Free Kick
  6. Captain Fantastic

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7+ wingsWings Barrington Stoke 

  1. Flyboy  
  2. Spitfire                             
  3. Typhoon

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 multi-rugby-soa7+Rugby Academy  Barrington Stoke 

  1. Combat Zone          
  2. Surface to Air                   
  3. Deadlocked              

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Scrum!8+  Scrum!          Barrington Stoke 




8+ NEW Defenders    Barrington Stoke 
1)     Killing Ground  
2)     Dark Arena  
3)     Pitch Invasion   Nov 2017



9+ Foul Play       Puffin

  1. Foul Play      Foul Play series
  2. Dead Ball      
  3. Off Side        
  4. Killer Pass     
  5. Own Goal     

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The Squad

9+ The Squad      Puffin

  1. Black Op            
  2. White Fear           


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OTL-new cover10+ Over the Line        Barrington Stoke 


Ghost Stadium10+ Ghost Stadium      Barrington Stoke 



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