Sports Writing Festival

After being a husband and father, it is my life’s purpose to use sports writing to encourage children into the joys of reading for pleasure.

But I regret to say that I come up against a lot of prejudice against sports writing. I do feel that it is quite a British disorder: to not respect certain genres of writing. I think crime suffers the same. Also fantasy.

But there is good news.

The London Sports Writing Festival take place at Lord’s at the end of October. It is an extraordinary line up of events, with some extraordinary names.

In brief it includes:

* events about war and sport, drugs in sport, Kevin Pietersen, coming out as gay in professional sport, how to get scientifically sport fit

* events about running, cycling, football, rugby and cricket amongst others

* speakers include Roy Keane, Roddy Doyle, Gareth Thomas, Brian Moore and many of our finest print sports journalists

* there are also sports writing master classes

It is wonderful to see a festival devoted to an important a worthwhile aspect of our national literature. I shall be there as a punter.

It is equally wonderful to have been asked to be one of the authors speaking. So I shall be there as an author too.

The London Sports Writing Festival takes place at Lord’s cricket ground in London from 23 to 26 October. Please join us.