#RugbyReaders 3


There are several books due to come out about the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Some are official. Some are not. This is a brief summary of titles, authors and publication dates. Plus any details I know about them.

World Rugby Yearbook by Karen Bond. The yearly amazing book of records and history. For the rugby obsessive. Lots of great original articles about this year’s World Cup. Already published: I got it for Christmas.

World Rugby Records 2015 by Chris Hawkes. A good tool to use in libraries this summer, with the library Summer Reading Challenge theme being World Records. 1st January.

Rugby Focus: RWC 2015 by Sean Callery. A guide to teams, the tournament and history. Aimed at children. Good for schools and libraries again. By a practicing teacher. 1st March.

Rugby World Cup Official Guide by Andrew Baldock. The tournament schedule, history and interviews with key players. 2nd July.

For children’s versions of the above book, published also in the summer (but few details available): Official Rugby World Cup Activity Book by Tasha Percy and Official Rugby World Cup Factfile by Clive Gifford. These will be good to give to children in the run up to the tournament.

And there is my own Rugby Academy series, featuring three books about a schools’ World Rugby tournament. Fictional.