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Rugby Academy
Rugby Academy

I hope these resources inspired by my new rugby trilogy Rugby Academy and Scrum! will help children who love rugby to love reading.


rugby certificateCertificate

Tell me when you’ve read all three Rugby Academy books and I’ll send you a signed certificate (via your school if you prefer) by emailing me direct here.


Download a poster by clicking on the images below:

Combat Zone      Surface to air     Dead Locked

rugby poster image There are books imagei was a reader imageace short sport reads image

These Posters in both English and Welsh (featuring George North) to encourage reading through rugby, produced with the generous help of Conwy Libraries and Barrington Stoke:

english poster

welsh new


Read a chapter by clicking on the book cover below:

Combat Zone Surface to air Dead Locked Scrum! cover

Find out more about the books by clicking on the covers below:

Combat Zone Surface to air Dead Locked  Scrum! cover

Reading quizzes

Try these quizzes by clicking on the images below:

combat zone quiz  surface to air reading quiz  Deadlocked reading quiz  scrum quiz


Watch me read from Scrum! and ask quiz questions here.


top trumpsPlay Top Trumps with the full set of player cards here.


Top ten tips letter for rugby families to encourage readingI’ve written a Top ten tips letter for rugby families to encourage reading for these nations:



trialsRead the live online story from the Rugby World Cup.

It is not too late to catch up with the live online classroom readable story, more here.

Read Rugby

Watch out for my projects with England Rugby this year, to mark this autumn’s Rugby World Cup, all free to download after you register.

  • Read RugbyREAD RUGBY – A toolkit of ideas to use rugby to help encourage reading for pleasure. DOWNLOAD FROM HERE
  • Fifteen classroom lesson plans about writing and reading through sport. DOWNLOAD FROM HERE
  • A live online story during the Rugby World Cup. COMING MID – SEPTEMBER 2015
  • A summer tour of libraries with my Rugby Reading Game. See Meet Me


DOWNLOAD my 2014-15 Rugby & Literacy Pack here

Rugby Reading Pack
Rugby Reading Pack
  • Tom Palmer interview
  • Writing Rugby Academy
  • Reading Rugby Academy
  • Storylines
  • Reading Quizzes
  • Literacy Exercises
  • My Own Rugby story
  • Draw My Own Rugby story
  • My Rugby Book Review
  • My Rugby Predictions
  • Rugby Displays, Activities & Visitors
  • Rugby League & Rugby Union
  • Quiz & wordsearch
  • Further rugby reading

Love Rugby Love Reading

Download my National Literacy Trust Love Rugby : Love Reading Rugby World Cup 2011 Toolkit here.


Kenny Logan’s foreword to the Rugby World Cup Toolkit

Kenny Logan

“It is not long until the Rugby World Cup with the first game on 9th September.

The excitement is already building for this international tournament that brings the best rugby nations together.

With much media coverage, we’ll all get caught up in the anticipation and expectations of our favourite teams.

With this global simultaneous interest in rugby, there is no better time than now to make use of this World Cup themed tool kit to stimulate children to improve their reading and writing skills.

In my opinion, literacy is the foundation to learning; it is fundamental to progressing in life and is not to be taken for granted.

Having struggled to confront my dyslexia in my early years and into adulthood, I am passionate about the value of literacy to enable you to have a normal life. I know from personal experience that having problems with literacy can affect attainment in other subjects.

Children must be taught that reading and writing can be fun and that it is not just for geeks but is an essential skill for everyday life. Even professional sportsmen have to send emails, write letters and read books.

So let us capitalise on Rugby World cup fever and help children achieve what they are capable of achieving.”

Kenny Logan.

Rugby Reviews

Rugby books and magazines

I have reviewed some rugby books and magazines on my blog:

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Combat Zone  –  Amazon
2 Surface to Air –  Amazon

Scrum! Amazon

More literacy resources click here.

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