Rugby writing drills

One of the things I am working on for the RFU is a set of fifteen rugby writing drills.

combat zone cover

It is impossible to be an effective rugby player without constantly honing your skills. Regular rugby training features a series of drills that players practice to develop and fine tune their skills.

Throwing. Catching. Kicking. Tackling. And more.

The same goes for writing. Get comfortable with the basic building blocks of writing and it becomes a lot easier. Even fun.

I decided to devise writing drills that would appeal to rugby (and general sport) fans, linking familiar sporting ideas with writing devices . So, each drill starts with a focus on one of the skills of rugby.

Kicking off is starting a piece of writing.

Scrums are about conflict.

An attempted tackle creates a cliff hanger.

That’s the idea.

For instance, a winger is flying down the wide left. The last defender has to stop him. He goes in for a tackle. If he pushes the winger into touch, his team wins back possession. If he misses his tackle, his team concede 5, or even 7 points.

Just like a cliff hanger in a story.

The drill then goes on to talk about how to write a short sharp cliff hanger, using the children’s knowledge of sport, films, video games and books to start them off.

Over the next twelve months – up to and including the 2015 Rugby World Cup – I will be developing and delivering literacy toolkits, lessons plans, training and live events for the RFU.

You can read the first chapter of my new Rugby Academy series – Combat Zone – here. It includes a first paragraph cliff hanger using some of the ideas I will be using in the RFU lesson plans.