Rugby World Cup Libraries

This is the third in a series of reading for pleasure ideas for schools and libraries to use around the Rugby World Cup which stars in the UK in a matter of days.


Rugby librarians (or champions)

Some librarians at schools might not feel they know enough about rugby to deliver activities and promotions around rugby and reading.

Think of the most rugby-obsessed children in your school. Would they be good temporary rugby librarians, champions or buddies? Choosing children who aren’t natural readers might work: might encourage them to take ownership of rugby reading in the school.

Work with the P.E. teachers. Identify some children. Get them together and ask them if they’d be interested. Tell them that as rugby role models in school they could be reading role models to children who aren’t yet switched on to reading. Bribe them.

They will be able to help you devise and deliver and promote some of the following ideas.


Rugby reading posters

Make rugby reading posters for the library. Use computers, collage or whatever it takes to promote what you are doing in the library. Ask your Rugby Readers to help you.

I also have several free printed or downloadable posters that you can use too:


Rugby book/read of the month 2015

2015 is a massive year for rugby union. Can you run a Rugby read of the Month promotion? If you can order sets of one book or magazine for children to borrow – and a couple to keep in the library for reference – it could be a great way of challenging the children to take on one read a month. And also of creating demand through a lack of resources.

In the appendices we have made a suggestion of a range of types of reading that might fit each month of 2015, bearing in mind publication dates, the stage of the rugby season cycle and other factors. But, by all means, use existing stock if you have it in good numbers. The list can be found via the link at the foot of this blog.


Rugby reading display

Use some of the ideas from the display section of this guide to create a rugby reading display in the library. Ask your Rugby Readers to curate and update it for you. Their ideas and input will make them proud – and they will spread the word.

Put an arrangement of books and other reading material underneath the display.


For more free ideas and resources about using the Rugby World Cup to encourage children to read for pleasure, please visit and check out the Read Rugby toolkit. It takes less than a minute to subscribe.

Many thanks.