Rugby World Cup blog for kids

During the Rugby World Cup I am going to be writing a regular short blog for children to read either in school and at home. It’s going to be about five different things:

  1. my diary of the tournament (with dodgy match predictions)
  2. about my ‘live’ story, The Twickenham Trials (see here) – how I am writing and researching it
  3. video reviews of great Rugby World Cup reads in books, magazines and online
  4. competitions where you can win copies of my Rugby Academy books
  5. and… probably some other things too.


Rugby World Cup Activity Book

Let’s start with a book review. I’ve read a few preview books about the Rugby World Cup. Some are great. Some are not so great. The Rugby World Cup Activity Book is one of the best. Lots to do. Lots to learn. Recommended also by my 11 year old daughter. Watch my video review here and see if you want to read it.


England v Fiji

The Rugby World Cup kicks off on Friday this week with England v Fiji. Who do you think will win? Most people think England will, but I think everyone knows it is not going to be easy. If England are nervous and make mistakes, the Fijians could rip though us. I predict that it will be very close for the first half. But I think over the 80 minutes that England will be a fitter team and will score enough points in the last half an hour to win the game. Maybe by 10 points. That’s what I think. But I don’t know much. What do you think?


Coming soon…

Tomorrow I’ll blog about the school that is right next to Twickenham Stadium and how they have been helping me to write The Twickenham Trials.

Enjoy the tournament.


Find out more about my live Rugby World Cup story here.

And find out about my rugby reading and writing activities here.