Rugby Readers # 5

I was away over the weekend. At the Cumbria Center Parcs [sic] with my family. As a result I willingly spent most of my time with my wife and daughter, rushing between wave machines, rapids and flumes. I didn’t have much time for following the weekend’s sport.

I have found that you have to plan your sports life well once you are in a family and not ‘an island’. Gone are the days of trips to Elland Road for nine hours on a Saturday.

‘Why does it take nine hours?’ my wife used to ask me. ‘It’s only fifty minutes to Leeds on the train.’

Why indeed?

However – back in family life – after five hours of intense sporting activity at Center Parcs, we had some carefully engineered relaxing time.

At three o’clock. On Saturday.


London Scottish v Yorkshire Carnegie.

Bolton Wanderers v Leeds United.

I don’t know if following ones teams on Twitter is more or less painful than in person or on the radio. It depends on the way the club tweet. And what the sport is.

Yorkshire Carnegie are very comprehensive on Twitter. You get a feel how the match is swinging. Key set pieces in dangerous positions give you an idea of an impending try. You know when there’s a penalty being lined up. @carnegierugby

Following Leeds Rhinos is the same.

Perhaps football is too fast for Twitter. But it always feels more painful when I am following Leeds United by tweet. It’s too sudden. With a flick of the finger it’s a GOAL. Disaster. Or joy. Usually disaster these days.

Anyway, Twitter is great for someone trying his best to be a decent father and husband, but also still pursuing his passions.

By 5 p.m. it was over. As was Aladdin. Time to eat.

When we got home the next day – with the help of the AA (alternator failure outside Penrith) – my wife and daughter had an early night and I stayed up to watch the Aviva Premiership highlights. The next morning I bought a copy of the Rugby Paper to read on my train trip to London.

And that was my rugby weekend.

Lots of reading and a little TV.

Next weekend is looking good. I am taking my daughter to Sale v Clermont Auvergne. To see some European action. But we’ll both be wearing Yorkshire Carnegie tops underneath our winter wear.