Rugby Academy

My Rugby Academy series came out today.  Book one – Combat Zone – kicks things off.        

The Rugby Academy series is about a school rugby team, called Borderlands, that plays in the UK, European and World schools’ rugby tournaments. Combat Zone is set in England and Wales. Surface to Air is set in Toulon, France. Deadlocked is set in New Zealand.

Sort of a children’s World Cup to run alongside next year’s Rugby World Cup.

The reason for the titles of the books gives away the second theme to the series.  The Royal Air Force.

Most of the boys in the Borderlands team have parents in the RAF. The series is set during a conflict a little like what is going on now in Syria and Iraq. A sad coincidence, I’m afraid.

So the books are about being part of a rugby union team, but also about being the child of a forces family. As I’ve blogged in the past few weeks, I immersed myself in the world of rugby to get these books right. But I also found out about what it is like being in a RAF family, thanks to the kindnesses of those at RAF Cosford and  Albrighton Primary School. Also Stewarts Melville College in Edinburgh.

Forces families at both gave me advice and read through the book to make sure I was getting their world right. I hope Combat Zone does both the worlds of rugby and the RAF justice. And – after that – I hope that it’s a good read.

You can read the first chapter here.

Thanks for reading.