Roy of the Rovers

So here’s something exciting I can finally talk about!  I’m writing a series of middle grade fiction for the ROY OF THE ROVERS reboot from Rebellion Publishing working with internationally acclaimed comics writer Rob Williams (Suicide SquadSuperman: Action Comics) and artist Ben Willsher (2000 ADDoctor Who Magazine)

“Millions of girls and boys dream about being their favourite football player and being scouted and playing for their favourite team. I had that dream. Sadly it didn’t come true for me. But, being scouted and succeeding in my trial to write Roy of the Rovers fiction is a dream that has come true. There is no other fictional footballer I would rather be and write. And I intend to write these books with the same passion and commitment  Roy shows when he pulls on the red and yellow of Melchester Rovers.” Tom 

The middle grade illustrated fiction titles will be released alongside the graphic novels, launching in October 2018 and following on in February 2019 and May 2019.

Keep in touch with how the series is progressing and get a newsletter reminder when it is out, simply email “Roy Reminder” to . 


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