My England Rugby library tour

starts tomorrow at Twickenham. Not at the stadium, but just down the road at Twickenham Library.

In fact, all week I am at public libraries very near stadiums.

That was the intention.

In a month’s time the Rugby World Cup kicks off. The games are being played at thirteen stadiums in England and Wales. England Rugby asked me to visit the library nearest to each stadium to deliver an event that will use the Rugby World Cup to encourage families to reads for pleasure.

So I’ll be running my Rugby Reading Game. It involves a quiz about reading rugby plus an in-library penalty kicking competition.

It’s about encouraging reading for pleasure through children’s passions. And showing them that there is loads of rugby reading in books, newspapers and online at their library. And that it’s free.

In fact, whatever their interest, their passion, their hobby, there is lots for children to read in public libraries.

You can find out more about my tour, free rugby reading resources for schools and my Rugby Academy series here.