Meet the Rugby World Cup – and me

On Friday 7th August at midday the Rugby World Cup is on display at Leeds Central Library.

Why? What sense is there in showing off one of the world’s great sporting trophies in a public library?

To me it makes perfect sense. In fact, to me it is extraordinarily fitting that it is on display in Leeds Central Library.

That’s because this is the library that made me love reading. Forget writing. Yes, it is the library that made me a writer. But – more importantly – Leeds Central Library made me a reader.

When I finally got into reading, I needed sports books. Lots of them. I would only read about sport. Because that was all I was interested in. Then. So my mum brought , me to Leeds Central.

I read about Leeds United. I read about Leeds RL, as they were known then. And I became more confident about reading.

There is no better place for a person to become more confident about reading than a library. Because that is the only place there are thousands of books about hundreds of subjects that are all free.

It happened to me.

That’s why I am excited that the Rugby World Cup is coming to Leeds Central Library.

Along with the trophy there will be activities, games, crafts, Xbox rugby and me.

Yes, me.

I’ll be hosting my Rugby Reading Game. A quiz.  A kicking competition. All to engage children with reading.

For me, that is amazing. In the building that got me into reading through sport I’ll be back trying to get others into reading through sport.

See below…

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