Letter about girls in football fiction


Just to say your book Secret FC has been the first book my daughter has read for fun, so thank you.

She is 7 and mad about playing football. Do any of your other books have girl footballers in?



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Thanks for the email – and for your daughter liking the book. Please say hi to her for me.

My Squad series has two girl footballers in, but they are spy thrillers aimed more at 9+ (content-wise). Also the book I am writing now does too, but that won’t be out until next year.

Can I recommend the Girls FC books by Helena Pielichaty? 12 books with all girls in. Though some are harder to get hold of than others.

She has also done a non-fiction book – about the right age – about the history of women’s football, called, I think, Here Come the Girls.

Also the Angels FC series by Michael Coleman has boys and girls as players.

There’s an older series called The Beautiful Game by Narinder Dhami, but they are more for 11+.

Dhami also did the book of the Bend It Like Beckham film.

One of Frank Lampard’s series of football fiction has a girl character in it, I am told. I am sorry I don’t know which one.

Finally, one of the Rainbow Fairy books is about a footballers. I think she’s called Francesca. Author, as you might know, is Daisy Meadows.

Good luck.  And thanks for the lovely email. If I can send your daughter a card to say well done for reading the book, I’d be very happy to.