Excited in East Grinstead

I am in East Grinstead tonight. And I am excited.

Tomorrow I start a pilot project with East Grinstead Rugby Club. The plan is to work in a single town using rugby to promote reading – at three different venues: the rugby club, its local schools and in the public library.

But why?

The answer is that I want to work with children through lots of different places in one town. To reach them in more than one of the places they might go. To talk sport and reading.

We need to take the reading for pleasure message to children where they are at their happiest. To where they play sport… if they like sport. And where they watch sport too.

Theo Price3

Here’s the itinerary.

Friday. Three one-hour Rugby Reading Games in three different schools.

Saturday. One Rugby Reading Game (with fresh questions) in the public library.

Sunday. Meeting kids, coaches and parents at the club’s rugby games on Sunday morning.

In addition, on the Saturday, I am joining the club for a trip to England v Samoa. I can’t wait.

There is another motivation for this pilot.

To sell books.

I am always looking for new ways to reach new readers who might want to buy or borrow my books from libraries.

Not because I am a cash-crazed cynic. But because I am just about managing to make a living as an author now – and if I don’t adapt, experiment and innovate, then I won’t be making a living as an author in ten years.


I predict that this weekend is going to be a lot of fun. I shall report back about that on that on Sunday night.

I’d like to thanks East Grinstead Rugby Club for working on this plan with me.