How parents can use the World Cup to get their kids reading for pleasure

Free Toolkit
Free Toolkit

It’s the World Cup in six days and there are some great opportunities for parents to keep their children reading for pleasure through football. Take a look.

Several organisations have developed mostly free resources that you can use at home to engage children. Here are the highlights.

Mumsnet have done a great booklist of World Cup reading for all ages. It will have a big impact as it is aimed at parents, who, along with schools and libraries, are essential in the fight to encourage reading for pleasure.  They also have more World Cup material coming soon.

Words for Life is a website that aims to help parents to help their children to read more. Their website features several 2014 World Cup footballers – including Lampard, Lescott and Sterling – talking about what they like to read, with quizzes for kids to complete online.

Chatterbooks are developing a World Cup pack for reading groups. Not just for reading groups in schools and libraries, but at home too. There are several fun World Cup reading activities in there. The pack is not out yet, but watch this space.

The Literacy Trust have a massive amount of World Cup literacy materials for use in schools. But some of their materials have been specifically designed for use in the home. For instance, book lists, a football watching bingo game based on kids’ football books, a range of activities to do in front of the TV football, World Cup scrap books, free bedtime stories and a letter schools can send home to parents with tips of how to use the Wold Cup to engage kids with reading.

Bookspace do a fantastic writing kit based around the idea of the World Cup going missing. There are templates and activities that work well in schools. And… and… you get a replica full-size World Cup trophy. I cannot stress how effective this object is.

Finally, there is my own website. Posters, first chapters and ways of making reading about football fun. Also, families can email me to chat about the World Cup.

I’ll be tweeting about World Cup reading during the World Cup. Use the hashtag #nltworldcup to join in.

I hope all of this is useful. Please spread the word. All the organisations listed above work really hard all year round to promote literacy. It’s a good thing to get their great work out there and make sure they are allowed to keep doing it.