Finding values in books

I am making five book lists for children.

Each list will express one the RFU’s five core values. Ideas that England rugby try to use throughout the game, from grassroots children’s rugby to the very top of the game.

The five values are:







You can read more about why the RFU do this and what they mean here.

I want to find brilliant books that express these values, so that I can link great children’s literature to the RFU’s mission.

If you are a teacher, a librarian, a parent or bookseller I would be very grateful if you could suggest books that you and the children you know think would fit the values above. Then I can pass them on.

The books don’t have to be sports books. They can be anything. For children.

You can email me via my website – – or Tweet me at @tompalmerauthor.

Thank you.