Fairtrade Fortnight 2016

The 2016 Fairtrade Fortnight runs from February 29th to March 13th. It is an awesome opportunity to explore ideas about treating people fairly when we trade with them.

In 2010 I went to Ghana to research a children’s book about fair trade in chocolate and football players. I met the cocoa bean farmers, their children, young footballers and children at Akomodan School.

The trip had a huge impact on how I choose to shop. I had no idea how buying fair trade products – and treating trading partners properly – could transform the lives not just of today’s farmers, but their descendants in the decades to come.

I created lots of materials about fair trade while researching and writing the book, helped by Divine Chocolate and by a practicisng KS2 teacher. You can access them here.

Free materials include:

  • the first chapter of my Off Side book, featuring the football-playing son of cocoa bean farmers
  • an interview with me about my visit to Ghana
  • the story of how the Ghanaian boy I based my character on left Ghana – ethically! – to play for Manchester City.

Also, you can access a free school resources pack about fair trade in chocolate and football. It’s pretty comprehensive, thanks to the help I had from others.

I hope this is useful. Please get in touch via this website if you want more information.