Defenders Series

Spine-tingling, spooky ghostly adventures – the past is closer than Nadiya and Seth think …

Seth and Nadiya specialise in solving ghostly hauntings at football venues, which take them to settings including:

  • Anglo-Saxon village, Yorkshire
  • Roman Amphitheatre, City of London
  • Iron Age Celtic hill fort, Cornwall

Book 1 –  Killing Ground
Book 2  – Dark Arena
Book 3  – Pitch Invasion

Read Chapter 1 of Killing Ground here

Published by Barrington Stoke
Illustrated by David Shepard

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“plenty of adventure, jeopardy, blood and thunder and mixing it all in with a good dollop of the country’s favourite spectator sport… There are echoes here of Alan Garner and just a hint of the mystery behind Harry Potter – and that should be enough to get anyone reading.” The Letterpress Project

“Great fast paced fiction” Monsters Can Talk



“Tom Palmer’s new series combines football with history in a gripping, fast-paced and action-packed story that’ll have your children wanting to know more with every turn of the page. One that may be enjoyed more by slightly older readers (10+) due to the introduction of more detail, adventure and subject-specific vocabulary, this is a series not to be missed.”


And each book ties into a KS2 history theme:

Killing Ground (Vikings & Anglo Saxons) 
Dark Arena  (Roman Britain) 
Pitch Invasion  (Iron Age Celts)

“We are currently running a Books 4 Buddies scheme here at Northwood and Defenders is going down a storm with my reluctant readers.”  Northwood School

Colouring Sheet

Iron Age / Roman / Anglo Saxons / Vikings colouring sheet to accompany my Defenders series, download here . 


Click on the images for downloadable posters:

Haunted by the past … writing tips here 

Video 1 – introduction to Killing Ground

 Video 2 – Killing Ground & my ancestry DNA testing

 Video 3 – Researching  Dark Arena

Video 4 -Researching Pitch Invasion part 1

Video 5 – Researching Pitch Invasion part 2

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Setting a story in an Iron Age Fort


By Seth White on 24 Jun. 2017
‘Killing Ground’, the first in the new Defender series, is an awesome page-turner. The best bit was when the football pitch was abandoned and the massive Viking face appeared. It was a weird feeling and a bit exciting too. I love that my name was used for the books and I can’t wait to see the other stories. Seth White.

By gable_end on 16 July 2017
Killing Ground was a great, fast-paced read and I had to finish it in one sitting! The historical aspect was compelling and detailed, and I really engaged with the central character, who is a young carer. With a cream background and clear, well-spaced text, it’s an ideal read for any struggling reader, particularly those with dyslexia. Really looking forward to reading the next in the series!

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars

By Amazon Customer on 13 July 2017
I can’t wait to read this! I’ve been waiting for months for the book to come out!

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