Defenders Resources

Each Defenders book ties into a KS2 history theme:

Seth and Nadiya specialise in solving ghostly hauntings at football venues, with settings including:

  • Anglo-Saxon village, Yorkshire
  • Roman Amphitheatre, City of London
  • Iron Age Celtic hill fort, Cornwall

Colouring Sheet:

Iron Age / Roman / Anglo Saxons / Vikings colouring sheet to accompany my Defenders series, download here . 


Click on the images for downloadable posters:

Historical writing tips here 

Video 1 – introduction to Killing Ground

Video 2 – Killing Ground & my ancestry DNA testing

 Video 3 – Researching  Dark Arena

Video 4 -Researching Pitch Invasion part 1

Video 5 – Researching Pitch Invasion part 2


Setting a story in an Iron Age Fort

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