D-Day Dog

Jack can’t wait for the school trip to the D-Day landing beaches. It’s his chance to learn more about the war heroes he has always admired – brave men like his dad, who is a reserve soldier. But when his dad is called up to action and things at home spiral out of control, everything Jack believes about war is thrown into question. Finding comfort only in the presence of his loyal dog, Finn, Jack is drawn to the heart-wrenching true story of one particular D-Day paratrooper. On 6 June 1944, Emile Corteil parachuted into France with his dog, Glen – and Jack is determined to discover their fate …

A beautifully written and compelling novel, perfect for the
commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Publication Date : 2 May 2019

Written for 9+ children
Published by Barrington Stoke 
Available from your local librarybookshops and preorder from Amazon

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“In 2018 I was invited on a school trip to Normandy by Ashville College in Harrogate. I went along with them in search of a story. Visiting the D-Day sites and cemeteries and listening to the children, I heard varied – and changing – attitudes to war. When we visited Corteil and Glenn’s grave together I knew I had found a true story that would help me explore what war looks like through children’s eyes in peacetime. With the schools’ help in thinking, planning, writing and editing, D-Day Dog is the result.” Tom 

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