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World Cup Fact… or Fiction?

foul play 130

The Reading Agency have published a new Chatterbooks pack of ideas for children’s book groups today. Chatterbooks packs are great, often themed around things going on at the time. This pack is about the World Cup.

There are lots of great ideas in it to encourage reading for pleasure. One of the ideas is a set of ten scenarios from the world of football. Five are true. Five are not.

For instance:

  • the England captain is arrested on charges of shoplifting before the World Cup
  • a football chairman kidnaps his own player to increase replica shirt sales
  • the World Cup goes missing and is found by a dog

You have to decide which five scenarios are fact and which five are fiction.

In fact, the five which are not fact really are fiction. They are storylines from my Foul Play series, where a fourteen-year-old boy and girl have to solve football crimes.

Football is full of crime and grasping nasty people. That’s because of the money involved, amongst other things. Look at the news this week. It was even on Newsnight last night.

My young Foul Play sleuths go head to head with the worst kind of football villains. They want to keep football how it should be for children. About football. About friends. About fun.

But can you tell which five of the ten scenarios are fictions?

Have a go here.