At last… a rugby magazine for kids!

This is the new rugby union magazine for kids. And it’s good.

We have three kids’ fiction series about rugby now: Rugby Spirit, Rugby Zombies and Rugby Academy.  There are lots of good rugby non-fiction books for children too, most of them about playing the game.

Now there’s a magazine. Trytime.  I recommend it to families, schools and libraries.  There are five or six football magazines for kids. There needed to be a rugby one.

Here it is…


You can buy single copies or subscribe for a year here.

If you know young rugby union fans please give it a go.

Contents include:

  • a Premiership season preview
  • top trump style players cards – to collect
  • posters of players and teams
  • a girls’ rugby section
  • facts and stats
  • nutritional advice
  • and more…