How to explain corruption in sport to your kids

This is an opportunistic blog.

I am seeking to exploit to sad state of both FIFA and IAAF to drive adults to borrow or buy my books for their children.

But at least I’m being honest.

foul playAnd, as well as making money from the sales and issues of my books, I do intend them to make the world a better place.

I do that by writing stories where ordinary young sports fans see corruption in sport and take it on because no-one else will.

My characters are Football Detectives.

My Puffin books series – Foul Play – is about a girl and boy who take on corruption in football. There are five books in the series. In those five books Charlotte and Danny take on:

A football chairman who kidnaps his own player so that he can sell more replica shirts. Foul Play.

A Russian billionaire politician who threatens to murder England goalkeepers unless they throw a game. Dead Ball.

A dodgy UK football agent who traffics young African players to Europe and abandons them. Off Side.

A rejected football player who burgles his former team mates’ houses out of malice. Killer Pass.

An Italian prime minister and football club owner who uses his TV channels to hypnotize football fans across the world to support his team rather than their home town teams. Own Goal.

Danny and Charlotte take on corruption in sport and defeat it.

It’s not very realistic. In fact, it’s idealistic. And that’s what we all have to be now, starting with our kids.

My idealism is that when I wrote the books it was my intention to explain corruption in sport to your kids so that they could defeat it.

You can read the first chapters of each book on their individual webpages above.

There are also loads of free literacy resources about the books available here.  But beware: there is no such thing as a free literacy resource, lunch, gold bullion bar, holiday, etc.

Thank you for reading.